Successful Set Up

1. Create an adequate set-up of the company

  • Define the needs for a Holding Company
  • Define the need for an SPV for affiliated companies

2. Implement proper internal reporting channels and control

  • Strategic choice of Centralized or Decentralized set up

3. Insure compliance with legal requirements

4. Allocate resources and budget for suggested set-up

  • The stronger the Headquarters, the faster is the Expansion

Reporting and communication

Development of Communication and Reporting Standard Operating Procedures:

  1. Levels of Empowerment and Delegation
  2. Reporting lines and Prerogatives
  3. Autonomy and Empowerment tools
  4. Control systems

Our Added Value

Head Quarters are the Heart of the Operation they should not be larger than the expected expansion as would become a burden . On the other hand weak Head Quarters will weaken the expansion and the profitability

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