Project Development

  • Assessment of land to be developed
  • Assessment of Construction type to be developed
  • The trend in the Hospitality Development is going towards:
    • Mixed Use: Hospitality venue plus offices and restaurants
    • Cluster: Different types of restaurants in on strip
    • Venue: Mainly for Night Life activities, Wedding and even Conferences
    • Health and Fitness (including SPA) are being also in high demand due to today’s life style

Competition Analysis

Tasks Involved Description

Determine competition level

Companies offering…

  • Similar products/service to the same target market
  • Similar products or class of products.
  • Similar service
  • All companies that compete for the same consumer dollar
Analyze competitive forces
  • Power of competition
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Power of supply and demand
  • Threat of substitute products
Analyze competitor behavior
  • Defensive tactics
  • Offensive tactics
Determine competitor strategies
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Differentiation strategy

Market Inventory

The Market inventory will include a research on existing projects and expected projects that will be available in the region

  1. Collect major data of existing projects in the region
  2. Collect major data of future projects
  3. Assess the future development of the region
  4. Research revenue generators in the area
  5. Stress on success factors of each location
  6. Determine the best layout of the project
  7. Determine the suitable technologies to be implemented
  8. Financial Projection: Determine the Return on Investment

Future Development & Success

• Development of Hospitality Sector
• Investment advantages
• Political situation
• Work conditions and purchasing power
• Infrastructure and transportation

Our Added Value

A Hospitality Project when started is more exciting than profitable, therefore we can recommend scenarios to make sure the ROI is within the acceptable range

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