N4TC: Nasri for Tourist Consultancy, founded by RAJA NASRI, believes in sharing the passion for Hospitality through a strategic & scientific approach to handle all challenges while keeping the twist of creativity at all times


Providing focused and adapted solutions to Hospitality related concepts through boutique, tailor made approach

Founder’s Background



Holding Bachelor Degree in Business Administration allowed me an immediate integration of professional life in Chase restaurants as a manager



Joined IMHI program in Paris after 2 years of expanding the Chase chain. The graduate studies & mixed origins of my classmates was the royal way to start the international career


Le Meridien

For 20 years was assigned jobs on unit, regional and corporate level. Reached VP Sales and Marketing Middle East and was assigned position of GM for 3 times



Building the Hospitality specialty along with a professional team, coordinating and teaching students for 11 years.

2004- now

Lebanese University

Joined the Largest University in Lebanon to share my experiences and travels with graduating students



Honored to become the Ministry of Tourism’s consular, developing a short, mid and long term Master Plan for tourism in Lebanon

Bouquet of Achievements

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